A Message from the Owner

Hi! And thank you for visiting Hindsight and Co. My name is Natasha, and I am the proud owner of this Australian small business.

The idea of creating this journal came to me a few years ago when I myself was battling with my own mental health issues. I had been put on medications, and visited psychologist after psychologist. The issue was I knew why I was feeling the way I was feeling. At one point, a psychologist told me I was doing their job for them!

But I didn't need help identifying where my unhealthy thought patterns were stemming from; I needed a strategy to help me deal with my thoughts and emotions in a healthy way.

I learned that there was only so much I could gain from a psychologist, and only so much money I could afford for regular appointments. Sure, talking my problems out and working them out verbally helped me at the current moment. But what about when I had a problem that I would ruminate about up until my next appointment a week or so later?

So I started journaling, recording all the negative thoughts that popped into my head and tried to resolve them. Before I knew it, I was my own therapist.

I went back to university to educate myself about the human mind and ways of therapy for mental health issues. I completed my Bachelor of Psychology, Criminology and Justice in 2020.

Once I completed my studies, I thought it the perfect opportunity to put my idea of creating my own mental health diary into play!

The brand name came easy to me. After conquering a long battle with a reoccurring distressing thought, I thought to myself:

"In HINDSIGHT, had I known what I know now, that everything would work out and that better things were waiting for me, I would never have been so disheartened." 

I truely hope that my journals meet all expectations and bring you as much joy to you as they did to me whilst creating them!


All the best,
Tash x