Whats is the 'Think Smarter, Not Harder' journal?

The 'Think Smarter, Not Harder' journal is the first of its kind to combine a cognitive restructuring technique with an everyday planner. Easy to use, this journal is everything you need to plan your week ahead, practice your gratitudes, track your habits, plan your goals, and become your own therapist.

How does the 'Think Smarter, Not Harder' template work?

The 'Think Smarter, Not Harder' template is a thought record that is used by psychologists in cognitive behavioural therapy. By using this template when you are experiencing anxiety you exercise the brains neuroplasticity, which allows the brain to rewire its pathways into thinking more positively.

Does this work long-term?

Regularly challenging unhelpful thoughts and beliefs will not only help calm your mind short-term, but you will rewire your brains pathways to think more positively in the future. The key is to be specific in your record - don't write lists. Write descriptive and piece everything together.

Is the 'Think Smarter, Not Harder' template evidence based?

Thought records have been credited for encouraging people to bring their negative thoughts to the surface so that they can consciously work through distortions and discrepancies within the thought. Research has found it to be useful in anxiety and depression, as well as postpartum depression, marital dissatisfaction, social anxiety and eating disorders.

What can I use it for?

Simply anything! Whether you have a negative thought short-term (e.g. bad day at work, argument with a friend or family member, lost work) or long-term (e.g. struggling with body image, social anxiety, feeling unworthy), you can use this journal to challenge underlying beliefs and write your way into a healthier way of thinking.

Do I have to wait until January to start using my new journal?

Nope! You can start using our 'Think Smarter, Not Harder' journal at any time of the year with our undated weekly spreads. It will never go out of date, so you can use it when it suits you. You don't need it for a week or two? That's fine! This spread works on your terms - no limits and no wasted pages.

Are you interested in displaying your journals in our stores?

Absolutely! To enquire about wholesale pricing, please email us at hello@hindsightandco.com.au, or call us on 0425 427 867. We look forward to hearing from you!